Slender glass drinking bottle with a bamboo lid and "Honest Slim Trims" written in white cursive.

Detox Glass Bottle


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Discover the relationship between tea and weight loss. Use our stylish glass bottle for either hot or cold beverages. Perfect for our signature detox teas! Take your Morning Boost blend with you to work or sip on your Night Cleanse or Rest Well blend before bed in this glass bottle.

About the Honestslim Detox Glass Bottle:

  • Glass bottle with bamboo lid
  • Leak Proof - no messes and no spills
  • Safe to use with hot or cold drinks
  • BPA Free, double-layered wall with stainless steel filter
  • 500ml or 16.9 ounces


Our Honestslim Detox Glass Bottle includes:

  • 1 Detox Glass Bottle with lid
  • Tea Strainer - stainless steel infuser
  • Detox Glass Bottle Sleeve - insulated carrier to keep your drink hot or cold longer ($14.99 value)